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Therapy for Women and Moms

Pregnant mom with toddler sitting on the couch

Therapy for Women and Mothers

Let's face it - being a woman can feel hard. But that's why I enjoy working with women! It's rewarding to help you discover (or rediscover) yourself, find a workable approach to life, better understand your relationships, and navigate challenging moments.

Here are common reasons why women reach out to me for counseling: 


  • ​You're looking for support on topics relating to women's emotional wellness or mental health

  • You're new to motherhood or are navigating through a challenging age and stage with your child

  • ​You're a young adult needing guidance and emotional management strategies as you prepare for college, jobs, or adulthood

  • You're trying your best to manage and co-exist with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, or stress, but it's impacting your daily functioning and ability to live the life you want

  • You might be trying to navigate a tough relationship, but feel stuck and confused

  • It could be that you're tired of spreading yourself too thin and need to make tough life decisions

  • Or maybe you're a mom trying to juggle motherhood and a career, but don't feel you're balancing both well

No matter the reason you're seeking support, my goal is to help you gain clarity, tap into your own strengths, and build the skills you need to move forward toward the vision you have for your life. Even with individual therapy, I welcome including others in our counseling sessions, such as significant others or family members, when deemed appropriate and useful.


I look forward to working with you to help you identify your guiding values and achieve your life goals!

Therapy with Tamara

  • ​Therapy services for adults 18+ 

  • Counseling sessions are 50-60 minutes long and conducted virtually; see What to Expect for more details

  • Together, we will explore the challenges that brought you to therapy, and identify what is and isn't working well for you so far

  • We will then develop your personalized toolkit, filled with mindfulness skills, coping tools, and mindset strategies to help you make meaningful adjustments that makes life feel more workable for you

  • You'll walk away from our work together feeling more empowered and able to navigate life, even when it feels stressful and challenging!

Why Work with Tamara

Picture of Tamara Hubbard, LCPC smiling

As a woman and as a mom, I'm traveling alongside you on this path. Navigating stress and anxiety when life throws curveballs and tough decisions at me. Trying to nurture my relationships while also taking care of myself. Aiming for balance as I pursue my career goals while also focusing on my family. 


Therefore, from the start of our work together, you'll feel understood. Your very real emotions and thoughts will be heard and validated.


From there, we'll explore how your current approaches to these struggles are working for you and focus on making adjustments to help make life feel more workable for you. We'll talk about what matters most to you (your values) and work towards helping you take action in alignment with those values, even in the face of stress, anxiety, and challenge.

Additionally, as a therapist with more than 20 years of clinical experience and a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, I understand mental health conditions, lifestyle adjustments, and their impacts on family systems. Therefore, I am able to focus not only on individual therapeutic needs, but also the needs of the entire family system, even when individually with you.​


I use a variety of modalities to help you build skills that allow you to find a balance between overwhelm and a meaningful quality of life:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Focuses on increasing psychological flexibility to allow people to act in accordance with their values, even during stressful and challenging moments in life.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - Focuses on identifying and adjusting unhelpful thoughts, feelings and actions, and can include exposure therapy work to decrease intensity of anxiety and fears.

  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) - Goal-directed collaborative approach which incorporates Positive Psychology principles and practices.

  • Systems/Family Systems Theory - Focuses on problem-solving through the lens of relationships, dynamics and patterns that exist within families.

I'm looking forward to working together!

Let's Connect!

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Therapy Services: IL residents only

Consulting Services: In any state

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